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This race ready drydeck is designed for paddling in cold weather.

+ Ergonomic design specific to slalom racing keeps the top snug without restricting your freedom to move
+ The wrist and neck cuffs are made from very comfortable, thin and flexible Neospan
+ Wrists additionaly have latex gaskets to keep all water out
+ Made from Airfour Light fabric which is light weight and breathable

The K FLEX sprayskirt is a high end slalom racing whitewater skirt
+ Made from NTX2 Flex neoprene to ensure water tightness along with a very light weight, and thanks to the flexibility it naturally moves with the racer without resistance. NTX2 Flex is specifically used on our high end racing skirts.
+ The fit has been specifically tailored to fit the rims of K1 slalom cockpits allowing it to be easily put on, keeping the boat dry and eliminating any unnecessary material, and creating a good seal
+ The pull tab for quick release (should the need arise) is made from a thin and lightweight webbing to minimize the risk of accidental touches

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